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Composing Challenge

About the challenge...

What is the current composer challenge?

Make Music, Your Music. That’s our moto.
For past challenges we’ve asked you to write music in various different moods and styles. This month we would like you to write a track in the style of… YOU! Your sound, your style, your music.
Where’s the challenge in that? Well, we want you to create your piece using only the instruments included in our free Vault.

What do I get for participating?

Your track will be featured in an upcoming Crow Hill Company YouTube video, we will send you some awesome Crow Hill merch and you’ll get a copy of Dulcet Voice plus the next Crow Hill product when it is released.

How do I participate?

Sign up for our FREE Vaults plugin (if you haven’t already) and download the latest version.
Write and record your track then submit it to us.

How do I submit a demo?

You can send tracks to or, if you put your track on SoundCloud, simply mail us on there with your track links.
Don’t forget to include your name in your track title eg. My Name – Track Name.mp3

What happens after I submit?

You have until 11:59pm GMT 3rd June to create and send us your tracks. ALL will be listened to. We will announce the winner on the next YouTube livestream. Best of luck to everyone!
We look forward to hearing your tracks!

Don't Forget...

• Use all the Vaults instruments.

• Make sure your name is included in the track title

• Submit through SoundCloud or send to

Creator Kit
A collection of Crow Hill assets and graphics designed for you to use in your own content.